Falling for Tobermory

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I have been longing to visit Tobermory but being stuck in crowded parking lots and long line-ups was not exactly how I wanted to spend my summer vacation.

So, on one of the most beautiful fall days in September, I decided to head out early for a quiet drive to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.

Quiet & Serene

When I got to Tobermory I was amazed at how quiet and how gorgeous it was. I drove in and easily found a place to park right in the Harbour. Paid parking was still in effect but finding a place to ditch the car while I set out on foot to enjoy the scenery was no problem at all.

As I got out of my car the warm breeze wrapped around me. The only noises were the quiet lapping of the waves against the docked boats and the radiant humming of a heat bug off in the distance. The water was so clear you could see right to the bottom and the sun was glistening off it like a million diamonds scattered on the ground.

Some of the Calmest Water of the Season

I wandered around becoming absolutely captivated by the boaters, kayakers, and snorkelers and longed to join them on calm blue water. The pressure of the approaching winter gave me an extra sense of appreciation for the last of the warm weather and I immediately fell for Tobermory in the fall.

The line ups for the boat tours were not only manageable, they were nonexistent in comparison to those commonly found in July and August and the restaurants and cafes had just the right amount of people for a comfortable dining experience. Coconut Joe's boat-up waterfront patio was still open making it possible to soak in the sun while enjoying a cold drink with outstanding views of the Tobermory Harbour.

Take Time to Browse

The shops were full of unique and eclectic gifts; exactly the kind of inventory you would hope to find in a tourist town. The people were relaxed and friendly. With less tourists roaming about, I was able to take my time and see all the great trinkets hidden away in these trendy little shops.

It was the most perfect way to decompress after a long week. My only regret was not staying longer to partake in some water sports and fishing. Next time, I will definitely be booking a few days to stay in the fall.