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Big Tub Harbour
Tobermory, Ontario
  • The light house
  • So clear
  • So serene
Please note: Some business hours may vary due to COVID-19.

Tobermory is home to two breathtaking harbours, lovingly named Little Tub and Big Tub Harbours. A naturalist's paradise, photography, diving, hiking and kayaking are some of the activities available. For leisure -seekers, a stroll around the picturesque harbour offers many quaint shops, galleries and patio dining. 

Big Tub Harbour offers the atmosphere of a quiet village, rich in historical charm as a fishing village.  

The cool, crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay behold some of Canada’s best preserved shipwrecks, many dating back to the mid-19th and early 20th centuries. Tobermory has been deemed the “SCUBA Diving Capital of Canada”!  

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